Mt. Balagbag 2nd hike this year… bound to Mt. Balagbag in San Jose, Del Monte, Bulacan. Hindi madali ang hike dito, promise! We started our hike in Karamuhe trail. Ang trail na buwis buhay, I mean, going to an isolated  place na walang katao-tao at kung may mangyari man sa amin, no one will rescue us dahil sa liblib na lugar. When we reach the Licao-Licao (which suppose to be the real trail going to Balagbag), payapa na ang loob namin. There were  stores along the road kaya di problema in case, magutom ka man.

Upon entering the gate going to the summit, DUSA!!! Hay, ang init at puro paakyat ang trail. Wala kang masisilungan kaya better be ready for some water and energy drink. Upon reaching the summit, tanggal pagod. Ang hangin  sa labas and feeling of so much fulfillment. Biruin mo I am at one of the ranges in Sierra Madre. Dahil sa sobrang pagod, we slept in the kubo and feel the cradle of nature.

Lesson Learned:   Never stop dreaming and never dare quiting.

near the barangay hall of Bgy. Balabag
near the barangay hall of Bgy. Balabag
Karahume trail
Karahume trail
Bawal, magutom sa Balabag
Bawal, magutom sa Balabag

Itinerary and Cost

06:00 – Meet up at Jollibee, Tungko

06:15 –  Take Jeepney going to Karahume ( fare is Php. 25.00)

07:30  – Start ascend to Karahume Trail

09:00 –  Reached Licao-Licao Barangay Licao-Licao fee  (Php. 10.00)

11:00 –   Summit of Mt. Balagbag (Rest, Pray, Unwind) Fee at the gate going to the summit (Php. 20.00)

13:00  –  Descend via Licao-Licao Trail 15:15 – Arrive at jeep terminal in Licao – Licao

16:00 –  Reached Tungko, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan


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