Finally backpacking El Nido, Palawan.

Its me all alone exploring the beauty of Palawan. El Nido is on the list of my buckets and before I’m on how I can make it happen. El Nido is not an expensive getaway. Promise… I did a lot research before my feet here. And to tell you, I only spend  Php 5,000.00 plus  for three days (excluding the fare).

Tour C Package composed of Snake Island , Matinloc Island , Secret Beach, Hidden Beach  and  Star Beach plus a free snokling in one of the island (forget the name) .

They say ito daw ang pinaka-maganda na tour package because of the presence of those 5 islands. Walang patapon sa El Nido, kahit doon ka lang sa beach watching the sunrise or sunset. Dito maganda mag-reflect on how life blest you with so much.

El Nido on the budget? Yes, you can eat in the carinderia along the town proper for  Php. 50.00 -70.00 per meal. Or if you save enough to eat the best of the best, go for restaurants in front of the beach, budget : Php. 200.00 – 500.00 per meal.

Since I am on a budget, I stayed in back packers hostel “   “ in the town proper. Just Php. 700.00 per night with just single bed, fan  and  a private rest room. They also have free coffee/ tea in the morning.

El Nido is generally safe. The locals are generally kind and helpful to the tourists and to anyone. You can walk around El Nido town at any time.

Matinloc Shrine
Matinloc Shrine
Secret Beach
Secret Beach
Hidden Beach
Hidden Beach
Star Island
Star Island
Snake Island
Snake Island
Lunch at Star Beach
Lunch at Star Beach


Route Item Amount  in Peso
Manila – Puerto Prinsesa – Manila Air plane – Cebu Pacific 1,200.00
Puerto Prinsesa Airport   – City Proper                                Tricycle 50.00
Puerto Prinsesa City Proper – San Jose Terminal                                Jeep 10.00
San Jose Terminal – El Nido Van 500.00
El Nido Terminal – Hostel   Tricycle 8.00
Hostel – El Nido Terminal Tricycle 8.00
El Nido – San Jose Terminal Van 500.00
San Jose Terminal – Puerto Princesa Town Proper Jeep 10.00
Puerto Prinsesa Town Proper – Airport Tricycle 10.00
Tour C Servant Tours 1600.00
Hostel Blessed Inn ( check their rates in Agoda) 1400.00
Day 1 BreakfastLunch


120.00 (at the airport)80.00   (at the stop over)

70.00  (El Nido Carinderia)

Day 2 BreakfastLunch


70.00c/o of Tour C


Day 3 BreakfastLunch


50.00 ( El Nido)80.00  (Van Stop Over)

170.00  (Puerto Prinsesa)

Pasalubong  / Souvenirs / Other Food 700.00
  Total 6786.00

                           So go ahead and plan your El Nido adventure !!!!!!

Servant Tours :  0939-917-9443, 0917-808-8599 or 0915-415-7245. ( contact : Jennifer)


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