Korea is such a blessing!

Visit Application – just complete all the requirements

Ticket a Php. 9,000.00 c/o Air Asia

Booked 2C Hotel in Wansimni  ( Php. 2,000.00 for 2 nights)

Food around :  Php. 100 – 200 per meal

Shopping:   Worth Php. 3,000.00 of beauty cosmetics, dress, sweater, food and a lot more

First Winter Experience

Excited ang pagpunta ng Seoul Korea, I never thought  na makakarating ako dito. Napapanood ko lang ito sa television  and some travel shows. I’m not a fan of K-Pop or Koreanovela but I am amazed with how Koreans preserved their cultures while also progressing in the world.

Arriving at Seoul Korea… They say “you will learn the hard way”, and this is what the train station taught us. We got lost in Haenyong Station but the generosity of the Koreans paved way as they helped us finding our location.

The first encounter with snow was at Wansimni… snow flakes around and we were like happy kids forgetting all the stress and worries. Temperature that time 7degrees.

Hello, snow flakes
Hello, snow flakes
First Korean meal
First Korean meal

Enjoying the snow at Gyeongbokgung Palace….  Everything is white and freezing cold.


At Seoul Tower
At Seoul Tower


Seoul Mate
Seoul Mate


Enjoying Korean food
Enjoying Korean food

Gomawo  Seoul… wanted to experience your fall and spring!!!!


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