12 Life  Lessons  from Mountain Climbing:

1. Take Risk – you never know unless you take the risk. No more what ifs just what is.

2. Let nature surprises you. Don’t just read blogs or see pictures… Allow to experience nature.

3. There is no short cuts only detours, just keep on going to achieve your dreams and goals.

4. Tired! You make take rest but never quit. Quiting is never an option.

5.  If you feel alone, let nature consoles you

6. Hard..Difficult… Afraid… Take it easy, thats only part of the process. Learn from the process.

7. Dirt, dust, mud reminds me that life is not perfect. That we have past that is difficult to confront.

8. Learn to trust people. Learn to trust yourself.

9. People are generally good – they can help you in anyway.

10. There were times when you need others for help, you should know the signs.

11. Summit – you cannot stay on top all the time, you must go down. Power is not mandatory.

12. The most important thing: it taught me the value of HUMILITY. That I am just a small particle in the world, universe, in the eye of nature. So I must humble myself and be thankful to God.


Learn to appreciate small things, try to reflect and experience the world. Sometimes mundane things like hiking will taught you different lessons on life. To God be the Glory!



9 thoughts on “12 Life Lessons from Mountain Climbing

  1. Great post! Hiking is indeed a very special way to come around. Trusting people and taking risks are the most important points to mention in my opinion. Keep on enjoying your wanderings 🙂

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