Back in Elementary, I enjoyed History. I was fascinated with how the Filipinos fought for democracy , how intelligent our ancestors in making sure that the Philippines is for Filipinos and not for foreigners who want to claim our lands. The trip on Las Casas Filipinas due Acuzar is like tripping down the memory lane. Something that I imagined back in elementary came to life.

Nestled in this place are bunch of ancestral houses from all parts if the country such as Ilocos Norte and Sur, Pampanga, Nueva Ecija, Escolta, Binondo, Quiapo and a lot more. Such a genius architecture by looking the intricate of the past in the role it plays in the present. Brilliant idea to learn our past and at the same time relaxing to the casas amenities.

La Casas offer a lot of things to its guest from touring the casa with a guide to enjoying the beach, bathing in the pool, running around the escolta, playing billiards or darts or simply sumpting their food. Day spent with family and friends is truly rewarding in this place.

Note: make sure that your cameras and phones are fully charged or has too many space because all the view is instagram or Facebook worthy.






Day Tour Rate:

Entrance Fee only: Php. 685.00

How to get there:

Take Genesis or Bataan Transit  bus from Cubao o Sta. Cruz bound to Balanga (transpo defends on where you came from : Cubao Php. 200.00)

At Balanga Terminal, ride a jeep going to Bagac ( just tell the driver to drop you to the tricycle area (just tell the driver that you going to Las Casas)

Then take a tricycle going to La Casas fare Php. 10.00 per head.






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