HongKong is one of the memorable country for me because its the my first trip outside the country. The feeling of at last my passpost has already a marked. Well aside from the jitters and excitement, I am thinking of what would be the look of a foreign country, it is like the Philippines or other Asian countries.

Just two hours from Manila, Philippines; the two countries share the same time zone. As I landed my foot in this country, the feeling of worriness and trilled lingers on. Worried in the sense that we might get lost or violate small things and at the same time trilled with the places we were about to discover and explore. I must say that Hong Kong is Filipino friendly country as you spot a lot of Filipinos anywhere (especially the Central station).


Your Hong Kong adventure will never complete without enjoying Hong Kong Disneyland. The fun never stops as you want to go back to childhood over and over again.





Hong Kong is small country compared to the Philippines but you can do a lot of things. Shopping, eating, sight seeing, playing and a lot of things.


We stayed at Panda Hotel in 3 Tsuen Wah Street, Tsuen Wan.




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