Travelholic Chic doesn’t only love to travel but also to eat. It’s recent that my love for burgers grows. My foot unexpectedly led me to burger haven around the Metro.

1. Big Better Burger (BBB)

BBB Classic Burger
BBB Classic Burger
BBB Pesto Mozza
BBB Pesto Mozza

One of the reasons why I kept on coming to BBB is because of the juiciness of their burger. The ambiance is also cool.

2. Size Matters

Size Matters  burger - beef and sausage burger
Size Matters burger – beef and sausage burger

In this restore, the beef patty is good as it compliments with the dressing.

3. 8 Cuts Burger

8 cut's the Piggy burger
8 cut’s the Piggy burger
8 Cut's Q Daddy burger
8 Cut’s Q Daddy burger

8 Cuts blends has a wide array of choices from the best sellers to do it your own burger. If you are a fan of not so ordinary burger then you will be amazed with their burgers. I like their sauces as it jives with the burger.

4. Stackers Burger

Stacker's Cajun Burger
Stacker’s Cajun Burger

From a big collection of burgers Stackers has to offer, customers can easily choose a burger that suits to their appetite.  Their burgers are like any other burger restos in town but it is also nice to try theirs.

5. Biggs Diner

Extreme Burger - Biggs Diner
Extreme Burger – Biggs Diner

Biggs is Bicolandia specialty. You should not go to Bicol Region without trying Biggs. The resto offers wide array of food especially American food. One of their specialty is Extreme Burger.

6. Johnny Rockets IMG_20150321_162004

This burger joint is of course an American chain and American theme is pretty obvious all over the place. If you like those vibe, go to Johnny Rockets and of course you must have the budget for one complete meal. For me, their serving is heavy indeed but what it lacking is the taste, I mean I am looking for a more tasteful burger considering the price and the American vibe.

7. Zark’s Burger

Zark's Ultimate Burger
Zark’s Ultimate Burger

Cheap price and value for money. Zark’s is the coolest hang out for students, yuppies and even families.

8. Sweet Ecstasy, Cubao Expo

Sweet hang out with awesome food. This could define sweet ecstasy. Price is value for money. Try also their milkshakes.

Double Cheese Burger
Double Cheese Burger

Other Burgers in the Metro that is most likely familiar to you:

Bon Chon Chicken Burger
Bon Chon Chicken Burger
Burger King
Burger King
McDo Fish Fillet
McDo Fish Fillet
Big Mac
Big Mac
Razon's Homestyle Burger
Razon’s Homestyle Burger
Sage Cafe
Sage Cafe

Burgers became part of Filipino pallete due to the Western influence. We still love rice meals but burgers might be the next favorite. A friendly reminder, we should watch our calorie intake when eating burgers.


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