They said “you should travel alone at least once in your life” and I agree with that. I travel not just to see the world but also to find myself (don’t get me, wrong … I’m not depressed, confused, wondered or lost) .. It’s just that I what to know myself more by gauging my capacities and limitations.

How do I prepare for every travel? The answer is it took me quiet sometime to plan out my longed vacation.

1. Take advantage of low / fares. Airlines usually had their sales before or during national holidays. There were also cases when they had sales during a special occassions or announcement. Some of the airlines today, no longer provide piso fare because of the low airline fare.

Disclosure: My airfare for my trip to Cambodia is free. Honest! I got it as a welcome gift as a new card holder of Citibank.

2. TripAdvisor

I must say, TripAdvisor is the most reliable side for traveller like me. Here you can read reviews and comments of hotels, resorts and attractions. Most of the comments here are true. Thanks to honest feedback of travellers.

When I went to Siem Reap, I don’t know where to stay. I just look at trip advisor and read recommendations.

3. Agoda / – I usually booked hotels or inns here. I booked few months from my travel to take advantage of discounts. Look for hotels which offers free airport transfers.

My trips to Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia and El Nido are booked at Agoda while my trip to South Korea was at So far, I never had any problem with this site.

4. Research – I make my own itinerary based on my personality. I get itineraries from different websites and studied them. From then, I make my own one.

5. Travel by feet –  No need for a tour guide because I can do it on my own. I can also eat in any side walks along the way.

6. Respect the culture– learning the culture of a country or a municipality is very important. In this manner, you are prepare on how you will behave in a particular place ( let’s say how you talk, interact or even dress)

7. Smile – as a Filipino wear your best smile. We are well known for being beautiful people.

8. Security – informed your family and relatives about your whereabouts. Keep photocopy of your important documents (ID, passports, visa and ATM cards or credit cards). Be vigilant always especially in a foreign land.

Tip: Trust your guts

9. Bring extra cash – in case something happens ( you want to splurge into shopping, eat like a king or got lost)

10. Prepare, prepare, prepare – no matter how you prepare expect something might came unexpectedly. So better be prepared.

11. Visa – for hassle free vacation, prepare all the visa requirements. Don’t go to embassy without completing all the requirements. Check also the countries that don’t need visa for Filipinos.

12. Passport – check the country you are about to visit. There are countries that requires 6 months before the expiry of your passport.

13. Travel Fund – oh well, I was not born to a rich family or doesn’t have extra income to support my expenses. What I did was to save at least Pup. 500.00 per month. I also had a piggy bank for my travel tax which is Php. 1620.00

14. Join travel groups – in case your dream destination requires a travel group, you can join other groups to full fill your dream vacation. I did this in El Nido.

15. Time – being alone means you have all the time for yourself.

Traveling alone gives me power and liberty. I can be myself and try anything I want without dragging myself to shame. My values are still intact and proud to say that I am a Filipino with pride and poise.

Preparing for a trip...
Preparing for a trip…
Usually travels are planned with a foos
Usually travels are planned with a food

13 thoughts on “How to Prepare for Solo Travel?

  1. Some wise words here. I love Trip Advisor, though one thing I’d slightly disagree on is getting a city tour, I don’t always do it every place I go, but when I have I find it worthwhile. That building over that looks like just another builldng to me, has a whole amazing story behind it. I did one in Portugal and the stories and history were facinating stuff I never would have found out alone. That said, just going off on foot, alone is great as well.


  2. This is so helpful! Thank youuuu~ but I have a concern..first ko po kasi mag.abroad. Should I be worried? I mean, I have my passport and a return ticket. I’m flying to Hong Kong next month. What else should I prepare? (especially going through the Immigration.) I’d really appreciate your advice. ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Sheryl, aside from return ticket and passport. If you are staying in a hotel , prepare or print the hotel receipt na tutuluyan or kung mag stay ka sa friend, prepare mo din name, address at contact number ng tutuluyan mo. Also print your itinerary in case hanapin sayo. As with immigration, arrive ka lang ng mas maaga sa airport kasi mahaba pila. Also if you are working in governemnt agencies prepare your ID or leave form. Medyo mahigpit sila sa mga government employee.
      I hope this will help you. Thank you

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      1. Hi po! How about kung yung hotel receipt is under my boyfriend’s name? Pero indicated for 2 adults. And hindi po ako government employee. Days off ko lng po.
        Thank you so much!^^


      2. Talaga po? Kasi sa Hong Kong po kami magmemeet. He’s traveling from Japan to Hong Kong. Ako po from Cebu to HK. Okay lng po ba yun?


      3. I think para sure, dala ka or photocopy ng ID ng boyfriend mo or letter from your bf na you will be staying in the same hotel. Dala ka na din ng receipt from the hotel. Just to make sure. Kung first time travel ka, baka madami sila hanapin sayo or itanong.


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