Travelholic Chic does not only love to travel but also knows a little bit about love and relationship. As a counselor / social worker, I studied love, relationship, family dynamics and more … I must say I have applied theories into practice. I also had a fair share of love experiences along the way.

Here are the Things (literally and figuratively) that we must be reminded when it comes into a relationship:

1. Mirror – it reminds us to be true to ourselves and to our love ones. Your actions will reflect your personality as well as your family.

2. Fruits – love can come in any season. Some for just a period just to make you happy or for you to learn a lesson. Some will stay for a longer period and it depends on the two of you whether you want to wearther the trials that comes along the way.

There were also sour and sweet days for couples but what they need is to accept and understand each other’s uniqueness.

3. Flower – right love blooms at the right time. Don’t hurry love. And don’t interchange love with infatuation or lust. Pray for the right love and the right person

Love blooms in the right time
Love blooms in the right time

4. Paper / Journal – right down the qualities you want for a partner. And pray for it. Don’t just settle to anyone who is around.

Write down your wishes and pray for it
Write down your wishes and pray for it

5. Teddy Bear – in love you also need to take care of your self. You need a hug from a teddy bear to ease the fear and sometimes the frustrations.

6. Unicycle – balance the heart and mind. I know this is hard but we must try to do it.

7. Traffic Light – love is a two way street. Both person should decide, choose and be responsible to their actions.

8. Balloon – they said that ” if you truly love the person you must let them go and be happy”. Yes, that’s true but you should also fight for it and when you did all your best, just decide if its worth fighting for or its time to let go.

9. Cake – life is a piece of cake ( may mega bagay sa buhay na parang slice of cake, ibibigay sa’yo, titikman mo, masasarapan ka tapos babawiin lang) it’s painful and frustrating parang love. So in a relationship nothing is guaranteed.

Dolce and Gabanana
Slice of Cake

10. Mask – never wear a mask just to please your loved one. Be true and stay true. Nobody is perfect.

11. Clock – treasure the relationship. Time runs so fast. Create true and great memories.

12. Album / Scrapbook – yes create good memories, so that when you think that you no longer love your partner, just go back to those memories and rekindle the fire, joys and love. Good memories will forever stay in your heart.

13. A pair of shoes – even you are in a relationship, you still have your own life. You have your own friends, hobbies and interest.

14. Music – no matter how bad your relationship ends. Once in a lifetime, the two of you create good music and perfect harmony.

15. Puzzle – love is not like a jigzaw puzzle, you will be never be complete without that person. True love is being the best person you can with or without your partner.

16. Hands – it means service. We must served our partner that way we served the Lord.

17. Ring – forever. Di totoong walang forever because you make your own forever.

18. Calendar – people do change just like a year, months, weeks and days in a calendar. You might surprise na yung taong mahal na mahal more noon at nakakarita na ngayon at yung taong sinasamba ka dati, ayaw nang tumabi sa’yo. That’s normal all you have to do is talk and bring back the spark.

19. Friendship bracelet – lovers should be best friends. They should play, tickle each other like friends do. Successful relationship is a combination of friendship and chemistry.

20. Wine – love gets sweeter as time goes by; if you know how to value you loved one.


21. Cross – Jesus died for us because he loves us. Love is a sacrifice, its not a bed of roses and there were times that it’s hurtful. Accept it because we have the capacity to love. Forgive our love ones and believe in second chances.


Loving is not easy. Sometimes the reason why relationship fails is because we don’t know how to love. To love is to know your self more , be mature enough to accept your partners strengths and flaws and to have God as the center of your relationship. Love is not about fear or anger or an act of selfishness. Allow yourself and your partner to grow together and to develop individually.



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