Meeting Mahal na lna

I cannot forget May 15, 2015, its our tour on the Heart of Bicol Region which is Naga City. The highlight of this tour is getting to know Our Lady Penafrancia. As a traveller my main purpose is to see the church, pray for God’s blessing and that’s it. The church is very Basilica Minored is very beautiful as in awed… I just stared and find myself amazed with the beauty in front of my eyes. Walking inside the church , I know God is walking with me. I can feel that He toured me inside His house as he carries me. Its like my feet was fleeting with wonder. As I reached the second floor where I prayed to “Ina”, I knelt down and I can’t contain my emotions, I began to cry…. I cannot think of anything that moment, all I know was my heart is praying for me. I didn’t utter a word in my mind because my heart knows all my desires. I surrender everything to Ina. I offer myself to Her. I know the best is yet to come. I felt lighter, cleanse and forgiven. I know all my past issues were resolved and I know Ina wanted that way.

That spiritual experience I can’t forget. Its the first time it ever happened to me. The moment that I am with God and Mahal na Ina accompanied me. Every time I saw Our Lady of Penafrancia, I get emotional and I don’t know why. Maybe because She made me a Spiritual Being. The journey that I want to attain in my life. Maybe one day, I will not be surprised if I found myself becoming a devotee of Our Lady of Penafrancia.

Thank you Mahal na Ina for that journey. I have been to a lot of churches locally and internationally but you are alone made me feel this high. I love to fall in our with our deal Mother.






Prayer to the Virgin of Peñafrancia

Turn to me thine eyes, Oh most loving Virgin of Peñafrancia and have mercy on my soul that come to thee, full of repentance. Protect my family, relatives, friends and benefactors. Intercede for your devotees, both the living and the dead, specially for those whom I am most obliged to help. Pray for me, console me, save me. In my hours of peril, adversity and afflications, above all, in the hour of my death, appear before your Divine Son to help and defend me. Tell Him that I am your devotee, that having complete trust in your protection I kneel before your miraculous image to ask for your powerful intercession. Virgin of Peñafrancia, Pray for me, help me, console me, and deliver me from all evil. Amen


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