Mt. Batulao is said to be  designed for first time hikers but I disagree. It’s not easy to climb this mountain because of the rolling slopes until reaching the summit. I must say that peak 1 to peak 7 (new trail)  is quiet easy but the hardest of all comes from peak 8 to summit. Slippery trail, muddy and exhausting ( not really a joke).


We assend at new trail and dessend at old trail. New trail is quiet easy as compare to old trail

Both trails have the same marvelous view. The moment when you just want to stare and be thankful. I also love how mountaineers show concern with fellow mountaineers; you will hear greetings or caring words.


In this climb we reflected a lot of things. And how our climbing experience can be applicable to daily life. Sometimes I am thinking on why climb and reach the top, when all you have to do next is go down. The answer is simple: climbing taught us the value of humility.


Tip: if you will get a guide, better to get an adult since most of the trails are slippery (especially during rainy season) , guides can carry, help you during the hardest part. Php. 400.00 / guide.

Estimated budget:

Transportation:  Php. 108 ( Buendia to Ever crest)

Php. 100/ tricycle (Ever crest to Batulao jump off)

Guide: Php. 400.00

Environmental Fee: Php. 30 ( new trail)

Pup. 30 ( old trail)

Food:   Php. 150.00 ( coz we tend to eat along the way).


Till the next journey!



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