Mt. Maranat is the hardest trail I took ( for me its Maranat na Mahirap) so far. Climbing this mountain is really a challenge because of the steepy trail. But unlike its neighbor Mt. Balagbag; Mt Maranat offers lush forestry where bamboo’s stand still, streams alsoDSCF2532 welcomes you along the crazy trek, rock boulders you want to ask “malapit na ba” and be amazed with the mountain ranges all through out the hike.

Climbing Mt. Maranat is a test of agility, sense of balance and patience especially for first time climbers. Just be ready. Bring more energy boosters food.


After the tiring and extreme trek be greeted with cold and refreshing water from the falls. I must say “tanggal pagod”. It will also energize you on the way back to the jump off.


How to go to Mt. Maranat:

From Jollibee – Tungko ride a jeep going to Licao- Licao , Montalban, Rizal ( Php. 28.00) Sitio Licao- Licao is the jump off ( well its your choice if you want to ride a tricycle until Barangay Balagbag Barangay Hall) .  A registration fee of Php. 10.00 is required at Barangay Hall.

Tip: No need to get a guide, if you are unsure with the routes just asked the locals. If you spotted at Aling Julma’s store (7-11) better take rest or eat because there will be no store along the way.



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