Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman is a favorite of mine. I got to know myself better by learning my own love language. Traveling is my passion, it widens my perspective in life, opens my eyes to realities and be strucked with all the awesome place I see. I try to relate the Love Languages in Traveling:

1. Words of Affirmation

“Wow” , “Ang Ganda”, “Amazing”, “YOLO” or “Thank God”. These were the amusing things we usually utter once we set our food in a foreign land. We cannot help ourselves for wondering the beauty of the place whether its man-made or God made.

In traveling, we also got a chance to understand a culture, norm or tribe. We constantly believing that life is beautiful and we are created beautifully by God.


2. Acts of Service

Sometimes we don’t only travel to enjoy or relax but also to serve others. We can accompany our travels by  volunteering for a cause such as distribution of school supplies, soup kitchen for younger children, tree planting and a lot more. Such a great feeling to help and at the same time enjoy the world.

Kmer's children
Kmer’s children

3. Quality Time

Quality time with the nature. Time to have a break and appreciate life in all its forms. In traveling, it is our opportunity to take a break, rest from the stressful world of work and to learn something from ourselves.

Some couples would say that they get to know their partner during trips and travels. We get into the world of other people and in some way understand their perspective in life.

4. Physical Touch – travel makes our senses chill out. It touches our physical being and heightened our crave for more travels and adventures. Some of us travelers wanted some adrenaline rush, heart pounding and risk taking activities like mountain climbing, rapeling, parasailing, sky diving and more.

Often times, we also like the idea of wandering a place while holding someone’s hand or watching sunset while kissing someone’s forehead. Traveling awakens our sensuality.



5. Gifts – of course , in every place we go we definitely bring something from our travels. A rice wine from Agusan, strawberries from Baguio, pastels from Camiguin, dangit from Cebu, or even simple magnets, keychains or bags.


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