Nature Mist Bed and Breakfast is one of the lodges in Banaue, Ifugao. About 1 kilometer from the bus terminal. We stayed here for a night during a quick stay in the town. The lodge is owned by Bustamante family managed by Jappan.

Welcome to Nature Mist
Welcome to Nature Mist


Jappan coordinates with the guest inquiries as quick as he can be. On the morning of Saturday, Jappan fetched us at Las Vegas Inn (which also managed by his family) getting to Nature Mist. The good thing about Nature Mist it is away from the town market, visitors can enjoy the silence and peacefulness of the place. Having a good night sleep is not a problem.

Nature Mist is a four story building where the 2nd floor served as the lodge. They have 3 rooms here: a single room, a double room and a family room. We stayed in the double room, the size of the room is enough for us and they have cabinets were we can place our things. Rest rooms is also common shared but during our stay, we were the only guests.


Compty Living Room Area
Living Room Area

Nature Mist also offers food from breakfast to main dishes. Jappan also served as one of the cooks here. Their foods are good especially the fried bangus.

Porksilog (Php. 100.00)
Porksilog (Php. 100.00)
Pancake (Php. 80.00)
Pancake (Php. 80.00)
Pansit Pardz (saucy and spicy pansit canton, Php. 80.00)
Pansit Pardz (saucy and spicy pansit canton, Php. 80.00)
Fried Bangus (Php. 150.00)
Fried Bangus (Php. 150.00)

Nature Mist also offers tours and guides but it is better to coordinate with Jappan which one is suited for your needs.

I recommend to visit Nature Mist, it is all in one package depends on your preferences.

You can contact them at:  0918-4409932


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