Going to Batad Terraces is not simple or not just your ordinary hike. Batad is famous for its amphitheater like terraces built two thousand years ago by the people of Cordillera.


If you are an adventure lover who loves to trek and walk, then Batad is for you. I warned you that getting here is not easy especially the steep downhill side and the hardest part is getting back as you need to go uphill (goodluck to your legs and muscles).


It is also rewarding to go trek on the terraces and up close and personal with the rice fields.



Batad is also a gateway to Tappiah Falls. From the rice fields its an hour downhill trek going to the falls (this is really the hardest part as you trek down the steep stairs) but surely, the falls will welcome you with its cold breeze and refreshing water.


Important Things in Climbing Batad:

  1. Plan your itinerary here for two days, better stay an overnight in Batad homestays in the village. You may find difficult if you the trek in the terraces and Tappiah falls all in one day.
  2. No need for a guide (they say its mandatory but we dont get one), the trail is easy to follow.
  3. Be reminded that if you hire a tricycle it is just until the Batad-Junction and you need an hour in going to Saddle Point.
  4. Private / tour vans or cars can part farther than the Saddle point as the road is already cemented.
  5. Bring your own food and water / energy drinks ( prices in the mini stores gets expensive as you go along the way, but it’s freezing cold)
  6. Walking stick is a must. Get physically ready before the climb.
  7. Enjoy and experience local life. Be mesmerize with the beauty of nature

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