My friends and I are hopeless romantics by profession means we associate everything in love relationship. Having our doze of #whogoat lines in terms of relationship; it would not be difficult for us to reflect on anything. Our recent Pico De Loro day hike was filled with love lessons along the way and some representations. The whole hike is not easy but we make it light because of the lessons. Everything we passed by represented some ups and downs of love.

  1. Puno (tree) – in climbing this mountain, you will see a lot trees along the way. During the muddy train all you have to do is rely on the trees. In love, this our parents or elder ones (the wise people) who have guided us in our lives. Sometimes we thought their opinions are not important but honestly they make sense and they have a point.
  2. Baging and Lupid – guides the climbers during the hardest part of the trail. Just like a tree we need to be supported by our family and friends in choosing the right person.
  3. Putik ( mud) – since it was raining a night before our hike, the entire trail was filled with mud and it adds up difficulty in reaching the summit. Just like in any relationship, challenges are every where all you have to do if fight for it and face it.
  4. Sapa (streams) – there are some streams along the way. This will lighten you up a you need to refresh from the day hike. Of course, in a relationship , there are good things and we must cherish those good things.
  5. Uprooted tree – there are some uprooted tree in the trail, you often mistaken it as a steady tree so you rely on it however, you get out of balance and fall. Many of us fall for the wrong person because we thought that those person can love us the way we wanted and in the end we end up hurting. Better to know the person first before engaging into a serious relationship.
  6. Tungkod – yes we need this to strike a balance in climbing but most of the trails did not require a tungkod because of it steepness and danger. In just means that , there are people who came into our lives for just a reason but they just live after serving their mission on us. If this happens, just let them go.
  7. Old /New Trail – the exciting part of this mountain is we can ascend at Ternate trail and traversed in Nasugbu trail. In relationship, there were times when we cannot go back to the past and all we have to do is live the present and focus on the future.
  8. Peak / Summit – the best view of Batangas and Cavite is here but it is not easy. This true love, we cannot get the one we love in an instant. It make a time just like the long trail but in the end everything is special.
  9. Monolith – hard to reach on top. Success in of any relationship requires a lot of hard-work, trust and perseverance.

The Summit and the Monolith may be separated to each other but bounded by rocks together.  n a relationship, we may have the same goals and dreams but still manage to live independently. “We are two became one but still one”.



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