For my 6th hike, I decided to try one of the beginner’s haven when it comes to mountaineering. This popular mountain is situated at the boundary of Maragondon, Cavite and Nasugbu, Batangas. Just more than an hour from Coastal Mall, Metro Manila mountaineers don’t have hard time getting here but should need more budget.

Jump off point is DENR Tourism Office in Ternate, Cavite. Registration fee is Php. 25.00. The forestry ambiance invites the mountaineers to go on and explore more. The night before our was raining really hard so we expected a muddy  trail.

I really love the flora and faunas that we passed by; it made me more relax despite the difficult trail ( I must say that the muddy trail made it harder but if not, I agree to some people who considers Pico De Loro as an easy one). There were huge blocks along the trail that requires rock climbing (so be ready).


After 3 hours I guess, we reached the camp site, oh it’s not yet the peak. This place is where people took a rest and had some warm up to reach the summit. Photo op muna.


It took us 1 1/2 hour to reach the summit. I tell you this is the hardest part of the trail. I am on the point of wanna giving up and go home but no, I am about to reach the end. We don’t have any gear (rope, harness etc) and guide. Yung feeling nanginginig na kami ng kasama ko, na ang maasahan lang namin ang bawat isa.

I dont know how may minutes kami nag struggle para makarating sa peak but its worth it naman. For a few seconds, nakaupo ang ako… composing myself, appreciating the beauty around me. Hay, finally… I am on top.




I think one of the rewards of climbing is when you appreciate more about your capabilities and strengths. I thank God for making me physically ready to climb, for setting my mind and spirit with the obstacles that may come my way and for guiding me spiritually towards this journey.

“Mahirap pero masarap”

“Masakit sa katawan pagkatapos pero panandalian lamang yan dahil ang importante ang galak sa puso ko”.


Going back, we descent though Nasugbu trail. I tell you mahirap ang trail na ito and feeling namin walang katapusan sa haba. We also thought that we were lost so I kept on praying everytime my imaginations run wild that a dino would popped up and ate us ( the struggle is real).



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