2006… Ten years  and 100 lbs ago. My first plane ride, first Visayan adventure ( that time Quezon pa lang ang pinaka- malayong narating ko), first island escapade and a lot of new things for me that moment. That time I told myself “tao na talaga ako”.

I never thought that my first Boracay experience brought me courage to try traveling and exploring the world. I’m afraid of taking risks that time, thinking that something might happen to me and thought that traveling is for rich kids only.

Circa 2006
10 years later and 1000 lbs more

Fast forward… I already visited 34 provinces and 6 countries. Some alone time while others with family, friends, officemates and even strangers. And I would never be happier if not with those experiences and memories.

It’s 2016, I opted visiting Boracay again, this time alone. A lot of things had change… Kung dati we need to land to Kalibo because wala pa naman Caticlan airport that time. Going to Boracay is hassle free, I swear.


It was a weekend and the sun was up. I just wanted to linger the place and have Bora moment. Classess will start in a few days so I just wanted to relax. I met a lot of people… Its really fun to chat and open a bit of yourself to them. I was surprised when they began to open up their hearts to me and cry a river. Ano ba meron sakin at hanggang sa isla ay nagiging counselor ako. But anyaway, I told myself to just listen and give them some insights about life. Hope I help them in some way.

Anyway, 10 years ago I wasn’t able to explore the whole place but now I geograpically memorized the establishements and landmarks.

I didnt spend much on this trip because I just want to relax, no more physical adventure this moment but spiritual connectedness.

Promise to myself to go back here again, maybe after 10 years.




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