March 21, 2011

I want to explore the joys of single-hood and explain why I should not rushing things out..

I’m in the stage wherein everybody is getting married, engaged and planning their future with so called “partner” but me, I prefer to enjoy every mili-second of my single-hood. Of course, as a girl, I also experienced day dreaming a cute crush, indulge in occasional flirtation, exclusively dating someone from the league, fell in love, got a bunch of heartaches and fall in love again. Through all of these, I also dreamed of same things most girls wanted: to find the love of my life, get married and start a family of my own.

Yes, I do feel tinge of envy when I see dear friends walking down the aisles, in their dream dresses towards their dream guys. But the envy lasts merely a few seconds… and I thought: “Oh, there are seriously getting married?!”. Don’t get me wrong but I’m happy to those friends who settled down but I wished that before they promised forever, they have initially happy by themselves, found the things that would make them happy before attempting to be happy WITH someone else. Marriage is not “I marry you because you complete me” but it must be “I am a complete person and I want to share my wholeness with you”. Sound chessy but its true for me.

 Since I choose not to get married for now, I can make decisions for myself and by myself, buy solo tickets to concerts, can go out with friends without making paalam, invest on gadgets without thinking of saving for a little family, go on impromptu backpaking trips to any part of the country and spend more time with more people (uhmm like dating).

Right now, I dont think that I need to be self-pity not because I am not YET tying the knot, it let me flexible, remain my surname and allows me to appreciate things differently. With this kind of status, I get to immerse myself in whatever mystery or adventure I wish to experience. For me marriage is not bound by age pegs or “marry musts”, but I guess taking time to build a career, rake up a good amount of savings and enough time to find myself. Mr. Right is just there, and I know that one day, he will sweep me off my feet and whisk me away with a promise of a happy ever after. By that time I’m ready, I will confidently say “YES, TAKE ME NOW”.

Disclaimer:  I  wrote this last March 21, 2011.. That time I was happy in a relationship and I don’t why I wrote this thing. But after five years, I never knew that this would be applicable to me. 

Single and I’m loving it

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