My first climb with power couple Matet and Marvy (never mind, being the third wheel that time). Doing some researched about the place, we were convinced that this mountain is literally for beginners only plus the breathtaking view at the peak.



Mt. gulugod is nestled in Anilao, Batangas ( as fas a I remember, I knew Anilao because of its diving spots and beaches but not for mountain climbing). As we reached the descending point, locals mentioned that guide is mandatory but I insisted that I know the trail (para makatipid lang… Hehehe and hey, that’s what you call freedom).

Matet is a first time while Marvy tried some prior to the climb. We were surprised as we start to descend (paakyat agad-agad, wala man lang warm-up)… The hardest part of the trail was the start, it’s uphill cemented road ( simula pa lang, iba na ang pagod ko… I just told myslef, kaya ko to)…

Climbing Gulugod is a different experience compared to other mountains. The trail is soily and slippery, we can’t hardly cling because of small branches. There parts of steepy road that’s difficult to endure. But like what they say “tiwala lang”. Whenever we got tired, we glanced at the ocean and conditioning ourselves to move on.

We climb for two hours but I can say that it’s worth it. The hills reminds me of Sound of Music (“the hills are alive….” 🎶) and I kept humming Chasing Cars ( if I lay here, would you lay here with 🎶)….



Till the next climb folks….





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