Tagaytay is my happy place for more than 10 years… It’s closeness to the Metro and chillin’ weather. Last December 3, I invited my friend Joy to come with me in the city for some breath of fresh air. I am stress for the past week and needed some time out. I am glad she gave in.

I urged her to meet at Good Shepherd – Pink Sisters to cool down. I miss the place and wanting for some retreat. The cold air kissed my skin tightly that made me relax. I prayed and thankful for the year 2016… This may not be a grand year but a steady one and I am fine with it. I realized that two important things highlight the year. I don’t want to leave the place because we didn’t know what to do…. Actually, we didn’t plan anything unlike our trips before… We just rely on google on where to go.


Its always 11am when we decide to dine in one of the Bulaluhan in the area. We didn’t know where to head to until we reached Radar Baba where a couple of eatery situated. Since, M&M was included in top 10 Bulaluhan, we just tried it. Joy wanted to add tawilis (good! Not to salty) and I liked lumpiang shanghai (delicioso!).



Joy recommended a coffee place somewhere ( she isn’t sure about the name so we googled it). Before going to Jazz Java coffee, we stopped first at Ina ng Laging Saklolo church to pray and someone had their wedding there. We watched for a bit and felt the music that was played ( we were a bit melancholic that time).
(trivia: I went to this church about 6 years ago and wanted to wed here and had a reception at T house).

Finally, we warmth at Jazz Java which a few meters from the church. Comfy ambiance and artsy design, several paintings hang on the wall. We sat at the corner of the place in front of the Christmas tree. We ordered Tagaytay coffee and malagkit na suman. We spent roughly an hour here, just talking about stuffs.




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