Okay! Its my birthday month and I need to elope where. The first thing the came in my mind was to spend my natal day at HK Disneyland, alam mo yon the Happiest Place on Earth – I’m gonna ride all you can until I’m swelling. So it didnt push through pano pamasahe was so mahal (arte*) and I have two months to prepare.

So I told myself, dito na lang sa Pinas, tried looking travel deals pero waley naman. Kaya I decided to push through Maniwaya. Im thinking of Marinduque scratch the Maniwaya pero of all the beaches – pinaka maganda Maniwaya eh. So here you go, contacted Warlie of the resort. May fear kasi nga sa low pressure area and typhoon, kaya I kept on monitoring the weather since Oct began.

Before I left Manila- I watched Seven Sundays to kill the time since 11:30 pa last trip going to Lucena.

I was at Lucena at 3 AM biruin mo yon ang bilis pala ng byahe kapag madaling araw. Waiting game! the van going to Gen Luna left at 5 AM. Imagine and Im there at 7:30, I think. I strolled around Gen Luna muna, went to church and I felt glad. Basta iba feeling when I get to visit new church.

I took a small boat going to the big boat that would bring me to Maniwaya, it left Gen Luna at almost 10 AM.

So there you go, I am in Maniwaya at 11 AM – there were big waves coming but I managed to stay calm, basta yung song na STILL is my comapanion in this journey.

I arrived at Wawies through a motorbike. And there, wala lunch don at inaayos pa yung room ko. It’s a small nipa hut good for two daw (pero ang 1 lang talaga sya unless kambal tuko yung guests).

No electricity in the island from 11 PM to 3 PM but resorts have generators.

The sea is calmer but bursting in a few seconds. I contacted a boatman Php. 800.0 for Palad Sand Bar, Php. 1000 if umabot sa Rock Formation. Going there is buwis buhay – yung bag ko all wet.

As we reached Palad – I’m happy kasi bumalik sya paano kung hindi- e di hi  achievement goals ang Maniwaya. Ang ganda 😍 ang sarap magtampisaw at lumangoy. Feeling ko nga gumaling tenga ako. Basta yon pa lang sulit na.

Ang daming alon – ang sarap makipag sabayan, I have a feeling na hindi ako mapapahamak nung time na yon. Then, napigtas tsinelas ko pero tuloy pa din at nasira cam ko.

Pagbalik gora sa isla at nag moment ako. Buti may signal wifi ko. I rested din kahit paano and it feels so good.


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