June 3- 6, 2017

I booked a flight last March 2017 via PAL for this  trip. Gaya ng mga dati kong trip, bahala na ano mura, paghandaan na lang pag malapit na. First international trip via Pal that’s I’m super excited to experience it. I guessed  I booked Chern hostel a month after.

June 3, 2017 was the day of my flight, my flight was 1:40 in the  afternoon but was delayed for an hour. Prior to my departure, I was stressed because I need to change my peso in to baht and the money changer in the airport was close and the other one offered higher amount, I changed the Php 1.00 = 1.63 baht (mahal di ba?!)

Okay back to my PAL experience PR-736, it’s a huge plane, since there were few onboard passengers, I occupied the entire three rows and clang to three pillows. The menu was full course meal (a first for me since hindi naman ganoon ang Cebu Pac and Air Asia) I just lived the experience even I looked like a fool in the plane. Paki ko ba, basta mag-eenjoy ako.

It’s kinda board for three hours, I brought my journal so I can write stuffs and anticipations. I landed at around 5:00 PM (Thai time). I must say hassle free airport, although malaki sya pero sundan mo lang yung mga sinages and you will not lost. I went down to the basement to ride a train going to my hostel. The Sky train going to Phaya Thai cost 45 baht for 45 min ride, not bad kasi wala naman hassle although my times na puno pero hindi naman siksikan unlike nung MRT. I reached Phaya Thai past 7 PM, I looked for taxi that could bring me to the hostel but most of them overpriced like 200-500 baht, my goodness! I decided to take the tuktuk at 200 baht, I don’t have a choice because taxi’s wanted contract than using their meter.

I arrived at Chern past 8 in the evening. I paid 1,200 baht to the hostel for my three nights stay. They were accommodating and kind, the ambiance at Chern’s is excellent, it’s not like the typical hostel that instilled in me. I went to the dorm, there were some guest and I talked to one Irish girl who had her vacation for almost three days.

I walked outside the hostel to look for restaurants but they were already closed because it’s almost nine in the evening. I ended in street food and paid 45 baht for my dinner.


Day 2

I woke up 7 AM (8 AM PH time), I overheard two Filipino guests (buti na lang may pinoy). I prepared myself to go to Grand Palace. Actually, when I studied the place, there were around 5 places to visit in the area and I’m not sure if I would go to all of these places.

I ate breakfast in the streets, I don’t know what kind of noodle  dish was that but it’s not that delish (laman tyan na lang din naman). I went back to Chern to fix my things. They said that Grand Palace was 15 minutes away from the hostel but NO (malayo sya promise, parang Philcoa to Edsa. Ganoon!)

The entrance fee to Grand Palace is 500 baht, unlimited access nay an sa whole palace, malaki naman din masyado kaya sulit. Nakakapagod din ikutin kaya marami moments na nauupo na lang ako sa tabi. The good thing here is they have free drinking water. Ang nakakainis lang hindi nakisama ang SJ cam ko, buti I brought spare camera para sulit pa din ang moments.

One in the afternoon when I decided to end my tour at Grand Palace and I’m starving to death, I bought an orange juice at 30 baht, it’s  really refreshing. I ate my lunch in a restaurant nearby, I ordered Spicy Chicken Basil and although it’s really hot it delish (lalo na gutom na gutom ako).

I told myself na uuwi na ako, ayoko na mag Wat Pho kasi ang sakit na ng paa ko at it’s 2 PM already pero the Dora in me, said keep on going. The walk from Grand Palace is another kilometer (sabi malapit daw, pero hindi – hindi- hindi). Wat Pho is 100 baht and where the reclining Buddha is situated. I thought maliit lang sya pero ang laki pala. At dahil okay na si SJ cam, I had good pictures there.

I took the tuktuk going home, imagine 100 baht going back to Chern samantalang kayak o naman lakarin (well, malayo at baka maligaw ako kaya wag na lang). Charge to experience at least I get to experience riding it.

I asked the reception area of Chern where can I get a tour to Ayutthaya, they told me to go to Khaosan ( I can walk daw, ayan na naman tayo sa lakad na  yan eh), so I walked I asked people where is Khaosan pero napagod ako at nung may nakita ako na travel and tour, pinasok ko na kahit wala pa ako sa Khaosan. They have various tours and I paid 1400 baht for whole day tour with lunch. Pwede na sabi ko, at least makakapunta na ako sa Ayutthaya.

I explored the streets nearby Chern looking for something to eat. I ate in a carinderia – parang chicken curry yung order ko cost 70 baht. They I had chocolate crept  for 40 baht.  I also did my laundry when I got back at the hostel, it’s nice kasi sa ibang bansa ko pa na-experience ang self-service laundry. Kakaaliw din.

Day 3

Yehey! Ayutthaya na. I got a chance to talk to my pinoy roommates, they worked in the call center and happened to spend the morning in floating market. Nakakabilib lang sila because they’ve been to 5 countries in 10 days and Thailand was the last. Amazing!

I was amazed with ancient temples since I went to Cambodia, iba talaga ang dating nya sa’kin. There were about 5-6 temples in the tour and all capsized me. I love the fascade, it’s history matched the perfect blue sky.

I must say that riding a elephant was a tick on my bucket list (don’t bash me – di naman ako kabigatan). It cost 200 baht plus 160 baht for the picture. I met Aleth, Pinay din but she is based in Vietnam, we bonded because kami ang buddy sa elephant ride. Konting chika and exploration of the place, she’s so bubbly kaya napa-chicka kami sa group of monks in one of the temples.

At dahil dyan, naiwan ako ng service. Sumabay ako sa service nila Aleth kaya lang naiwan ko yung gamit ko sa service ko, alay daw sa Thai yon. Grabe ang paghabol namin sa van, practice training ko na yon sa marathon na sasalihan ko.

Binaba ako ng service sa Khaosan kaya nag-explore na din ako at bumili ng pasalubong. I ate at Burger king dahil gusto ko ng aircon. The food cost 132 baht. Kaso kumain uli ako ng Pha Thai sa market worth 95 baht. The best part was the massage at 160 baht (feet, legs, and head lang). Pasalubong cost 620 baht.

Day 4

It’s my last day in Bangkok and it means shopping time. I went back to Khaosan kasi nga, ang dami pwede pamilhan don. I passed a street noodle house and it’s very delicious (solid talaga!) and very cheap at 45 baht. As I walked Khaosan kainis lang kasi ang dami pala mas mura na bilihin compare sa mga napuntahan ko kahapon, nasa bandang baba pala yung mala-divisoria na presyuhan. Asar di ba! Pero ano magagawa ko, ganoon talaga. Bumili pa din ako kasi mura nga eh. Pampalamig na lang ng ulo ay yung coconut ice cream nila.

I left Chern at 1 PM since 6 PM pa naman ang flight ko. I took the taxi going to Phaya Thai sky train, good thing metered ang taxi ang it’s only cost 70 baht (super cheap compared to 200 baht na tuktuk). I ate at the mall near the sky train, it’s a high end resto and the cost of my food was 165 baht. I also bought some bread at 88 baht baon ko lang in case gutumin.

Masyado naman ako maaga sa airport kaya konting ikot muna kahit wala naman bibilhin. My flight was delayed again, 7 PM na kami nakaalis ng Thailand at it landed in Manila at 11 PM (PH time).



Day 1 – 290 baht

Day 2 – 2466 baht

Day 3 – 1432 baht

Day 4 – 1433 baht

Hostel – 1200 baht

Total in baht: 5388

Total in peso:  8,782.44


Airfare – 8000 php

Tax – 1620 php

Total Bangkok trip in peso:  18,402.44 



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