In search for another mountain to hike, we ended up in Mt. Talamitam. We supposed to go to Mt. Tapulao in Rizal but the recent accident in the area made my companions worry.

I urged them to go to Mt. Talamitam since I haven’t finish the trail two years ago and I am excited to try again Lawang Bato. This was motivation that time and also to prepare me for my Mt. Pulag trek.

Since I quiet know the place, I served as the tour guide. We didn’t get a tour guide since (magmamarunong ako) and just paid Php 50.00 for entrance / environmental fee. Actually,  there are lot of changes along the trail – I was looking for the community in the forest but none, I remember, we paid Php. 20.00 before entering the grassland. There were also various store in the grassland now.

We spent an hour trekking the forest area and more than two hours in the grassland. The heat of the sun made the trek difficult especially ascending the summit (nakakaubos ng hininga, pinipilit ko talaga tapusin pero ang hirap talaga). We reached the summit at 12 noon, I think we started the climb at 8:30 and we just reached the at this time. We spent an hour there, eating halo-halo and picture taking in all angles.  It more easy descending at we reached the jump-off at 3:30 in the afternoon.

Starving that we are, headed to Tagaytay for some bulalo and good food. I brought them to Rada Itaas Road since Bulalo restaurants lined up there.


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