We had good dining experience last Sunday at XO Heritage Bristro at Estancia Mall. The food is excellent and the staffs are warmth, they were speaking full Filipino language while communicating with their guest.

Our orders were composed of the following:

Nilasing na Hipon, Php. 295.00


Sinigang Salmon Php. 475.00


Fried Chicken Meddala, Php. 395.00

Laing, Php, 295.00

Pinakbet ng Laoag, Php. 355.00


Sisig Kapampangan, Php. 390.00


Crispy Pata, Php. 765.00


Adobong Batangas, Php. 585.00


Tinapa Rice, Php. 240.00


Garlic Rice Platter, Php. 185.00

Calamares Crujiente, Php. 395.00

Pansit Lomi-M, Php. 195.00

They also have service charged.

And they have complimentary snack too.


My favorite among their menu are the calamares, crispy pata and pinakbet ng  Laoag.





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