My office mates explored the streets of Maginahawa Quezon City  for some food sessions.

Our first stop. Rib City along Maginhawa St. Teacher’s Village, Quezon City. The place is quiet small but at least we got the whole venue for ourselves. We waited for 15 minutes for our orders


We ordered the following:


Not Just Nachos, Php. 248.00



Wharft (Tempura Platter), Php. 498.00



Big City Mix, Php. 898.00


Tater Skinners (Potato) , Php. 198.00

Our Verdict: ( In order )

Regine’s  Top 3: Potato, Tempura and Nachos

Matet’s Top 3: Ribs, Tempura and Nachos

Cynthia’s Top 3 : Potato, Ribs and Tempura

Gina’s Top 3: Chicken, Nachos and Ribs

Jenny’s Top 3: Potato, Tempura  and Ribs

Me:   Potato, Nachos and Ribs

Overall Ranking:

Top 1: Ribs

Top 2: Potato or Tater Skinners, Nachos  and Tempura

Top 3: Chicken


RB CTY / Rib City Quezon City

63 Maginhawa St.UP Village, Quezon City(0917) 871-468

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