Itogon, Benguet
Entry point: Brgy. Ampucao, Itogon
Exit point: Brgy. Sta. Fe, Itogon

January 27, 2018


1846 meters above sea level, we are ready to conquor Mt. Ulap. My cousin and I joined a group tour in this journey, we left Quezon City at around 11 in the evening and reached the jump-off at 3:00 in the morning. The wind was so cold, naisip ko nga na dapat dito ko dinala ang winter breaker ko kaysa sa Mt. Pulag. We ate light snacks, para ready na din sa hike at busog na,sa camp 2 pa daw ang sari-sari store.

I am more ready here than in my previous climb to Mt. Pulag, I just brought a fanny pack containing important things and a bottle of water, ayoko ma-hassle na ang dami ko dala, good thing, we had a van where we can leave our things.

We started the hike at 4 in the morning after a quick orientation and meeting our guides. Flat pa lang ang trail sa simula, I think mga 10-15 minutes na ganoon (warm-up muna),  then there is a cemented assending part na sabi pinaka-mahirap daw pero for me kaya naman (mas mahirap yung cemented area ng Mt. Gulugod), from there, smooth naman ang trail. There is up and down slopes, so better be ready with your headlamps.

Our guides wanted us to reach Gungal Rock Formation early because of the long lines there for picture taking. They pushed us to move a little faster, after daw kasi ng Gungal, pabebe hike na lang kami.

It’s 5:30 in the morning when we reached Camp 2, we are faster than expected according to our guides and coordinators. As we go along, we couldn’t help but to mesmerize with the beauty of mountains and clouds along the way, we just awed and non-stop picture taking occurred.

At 7:30, the sun is up but the cold wind was still embracing us, we reached Camp 2 or the Gungal Rock. Filing up were numerous of hikers taking photos in that iconic rock formation. But behind that rock formation was the crumpled clouds in the air. Hay! ang sarap lang tignan.


At 9:00 in the morning, we reached Camp 3 or the summit. We took a rest here for more than an hour, enjoying the view and thanking the creator for allowing us to see this breathtaking sight.


The most crucial part of this hike was the descending part. Panalo sa hirap dahil pababa lang sya sa bundok ng pine trees. Better ready your lower body. Literal na mahirap talaga. Ang sarap na lang magpagulong pababa.


By the way there are  two  7-11 (mini store) in the descending part where you can energize by drinking buko or munckin ice candy.

I can say that my hike here is my favorite so far, less baggage plus a great weather and beautiful scenery. If you are first climber and you choose Mt. Ulap, just prepare yourself more. Wag papetiks lang. Para sa akin kasi ang Mt. Mabilog (San Pablo) ang para talaga sa first time climbers.

The whole tour cost Php. 1,300.00

Thank you for reading. Hope this write-up will be a good help.


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