After my Mt. Ulap hike, I opted to join a tour. It’s my first time to join a tour alone, a lot of things came in my mind (baka scammer ang tour coordinator at pagdating ko sa venue wala naman, baka rapist o holdaper ang other joiners and the list goes on). It’s seemed legit on facebook, I also have strong gut feel in terms of people I’m dealing with. I met them at McDo Panay Avenue at 5:30 AM and the left at 6:00 AM, we were seven in the group kaya maluwag kami sa van and I took a nap.


The first stop was Monasteryo de Tarlac, I really want to go here and because it’s not accessible for public transpo (or I guess quiet expensive), it’s a win-win for me. We reached the place at 8:30 in the morning and had an hour to explore the place. I like the church; I felt the solemnity and a good venue to have quiet time with God. The huge Jesus Christ structure is a must see, Brazil feels.


Our next stop is the Capas Shrine (it’s not really in the itinerary but it’s okay), it’s like traveling back in time – time to salute the great soldiers who fought for our freedom way back Japanese era. At around 11:30 we stopped at Chowking for some lunch.

We reached Gosen Resort at 12:30 PM, the swimming pool is close (nagkamali daw ang technician ng lagay ng color, instead of blue naging green), since the place has the Greek  – Roman feels, we just had a lot of photo-ops and rest. It’s also the time when I get to bond with other joiners and our tour coordinator. I learned a lot about tour organizing so when I put up my own travel agency, I know how it works. Our tour coordinator, Roan is very friendly and accommodating. She said that the pushed the tour even though it’s 7 joiners, (it’s break even than cancelling it, tutal sa kanila naman daw ang van).



Some joiners had a blast through riding an ATV ride near Mt. Pinatubo, the rate is Php. 1000.00 for an hour. Some parts of the resort is still under construction and I’m sure when it’s done this summer, mas lalong gaganda at breathtaking.

We were at Paris Café (in Clark) at 4:00, a replica of Eiffel Tower was the main attraction but it is better at night. We dine at the Café and ordered some cakes,  this time I had a chit-chat with my co-joiner Kat. We talked personal stuffs and inspiring stories. I think, this is one of the perks of going solo, you tend to know other people and eventually became a friend. After some photo-op we left the place at five in the afternoon and back in Manila at 7:00 in the evening.


I had a great time in this tour, I never thought that Tarlac would be that amazing and there’s a lot of things to do in this province. I am glad that Tarlac is starting to create it’s identity  in terms of tourism.


Php. 1200 (tour package)

Php. 150  (snacks and souvenier at Monasterio de Tarlac)

Php. 120  (lunch)

Php.  40   (drinks brought in Gosen Resort)

Php. 50     (brought mani from an Aeta  in Clark)

Php. 180   (snacks at Paris Café)

Total:  Php. 1740.00

 Contacts: I Love Adventours and Travels (09178172537 look for Ro An Sarmiento)



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