BeautyPlus_20180328204505_saveFive in the morning is our call time kay Kuya Jun (van driver) for Oslob trip, he arrived on time and we are ready for this adventure. Since the travel time is three hours, all we have to do was to sleep in the van (kanya-kanya kami ng layer). We passed by several towns in the Southern part of Cebu and I was amazed with the old churches that we passed on, (surreal! It’s like I’m on history books). We also chat with Kuya Jun about his work as a driver and he shared several experiences in touring tourist around Cebu and some parts of Visayas.

It’s 8:30 in the morning when we reached Aaron’s Beach Resort in Oslob, there were several tourists in the area. A lot of resorts offering different packages on Whale Shark watching and other activities.


We paid Php. 1880.00 for whale shark watching good for 30 minutes (two seniors for whale watching only and two individuals for swimming with snorkeling gear), Php.600.00 / head ang swimming with gears. Renting some action cam was Php. 700.00 but we never rented since I had an action cam with me.



We headed to the port but first we had an orientation for the activity, never ever touched the whales. We were with two Swiss nationals in the boat, the boat was quiet small (hindi naman pwede ang big boats kasi baka masaktan ang mga whale sharks. We were so excited and nervous at the same time, baka kasi hindi ko makita ang mga sharks sayang ang moment but as we arrived in the area, numerous of sharks were swimming. It’s super enjoyable moment to see them around but the problem was the wave (ang lakas ng alon), since I don’t know how to swim, I was struggling in the water. Good thing was one of the boat men was helpful to us, he even got the camera to took some videos.

I felt tired balancing myself and the waves, I wanted to see many sharks but the waves were strong. 30 minutes ended and we were exhausted (sobrang nakakapagod, kung marunong lang kami lumangoy). But it’s really worth it, I never thought in my wildest dream that I would swim with the whale sharks. I would never forget that moment.

On the other hand, I felt guilty also for what happen with the whale sharks, I mean, invading their privacy and some of them got hurt because some of the tourist violates the rules, there were instances that due to the waves, they got hit by the boats. Hay! Hirap! Let’s respect their habitat, tayo dapat mag-adjust at hindi sila.

After the Whale Shark watching we rode the multi-cab of Aaron’s for Sumilon adventure, we paid Php. 1,5000.00 (four persons just for boat ride, I don’t know how much each since we have two seniors), there’s Php. 20.00 per head entrance fee to the island to be paid in docking area. We ate first in a carinderia (sort of brunch) before hopping in the boat. We were just alone in the huge boat, around five minutes going to the island and malayo pa lang, ang GANDA na ng island, walang exgeration, sobrang blue ng tubig at kitang-kita na ang sandbar. We were giggling in excitement while approaching the island, it’s a GEM. We plan to stay here for 30 minutes lang kaso lang sana kaso dahil ang lakas ng alon hindi kami agad nakakababa sa Bangka.



We splurged and enjoyed the island, tampisan and played with the waves. Hundred of photo-ops were done. If we have more time, we can stay here until the afternoon. The planned 30 minute stay turned into an hour (ganoon kasi ka-ganda). Expectation vs Reality – this time nanalo ang Reality.


Struggle is Real ang boat going  back the docking area, ang lakas ng alon and going down the  boat, hinahampas talaga ng alon ang passengers, thank God sa malalakas na mga boat men dahil hindi kami pinabayaan.

Our next stop was the Tumalog Falls (still in Oslob), as we reached the jump-off point, we need to ride a habal-habal (motorcycle) going to the falls because of the steepness of the area. The falls is amazing especially when the rays of sun passed the falls, “ang ganda niya” sarap lang titigan. Blue din ang water (not as blue as Kawasan falls, based on what I saw in the pictures) pero malinis daw ito, we decided not swim na lang but capture amazing photos. By the way, entrance fee is Php. 20.00 per head. Habal fare is Php. 50.00 (round trip)




We passed  by Cuartel (also in Oslob), it’s their version of Ruins but for me it’s the walls of Intramuros, meron din ditong baywalk that was good to unwind and stroll. There was also an old church there and I felt happy seeing old structure like that.

Our  last stop was Simala Shrine in Sibonga town. We were here at four in the afternoon and they closed at five. The church was huge, I never been to any Catholic Church na ganito kalaki, usually kasi ang napupuntahan ko na monastery ay maliit lang. Parang nasa ibang bansa at kingdom ako dito sa lugar. Of course, what we did here was to praise God and pray a lot.



I can say that Php. 7,500.00 (van fare for this Oslob trip) was worth it, sakit man sa bulsa mga bes pero hindi mapapantayan ang saya at memories namin sa Oslob. Ang dami pala magagandang lugar sa Cebu na masarap i-explore. Sana next time, makapag- Kawasan, Malapascua at Bantayan naman ako.

Thank you Oslob and of course, Simala for these wonderful treasures. It will remain in my heart forever.


Kuya Jun (Van rental) –  0942-5194654 ( to any point of Cebu) I recommend him, bukod sa mabait, maingat din mag-drive. We felt protected and safe.






If you have time, watch our Cebu-cation. Please bear with me, my first time to vlog. Hahaha!! matututo din ako. :))))))


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