Okay, I am not a financial expert, I am not a business tycoon or a  rich kid. I just want to share my experiences in handling money which could be helpful to some of you.

I coined myself as “kuripot na gastador” ang vague ba? Ganito kasi yan, I am very thrifty when it comes to important things but when valueless things I’m super “waldasera.” These are the things that made me waste my hard-earned money.

1. Food Hopping – they type that I would eat in this restaurant or fast food joint ‘cause I’m craving for burger, pizza, ice cream, sisig and others. The usual cost of every dine ranges from 200-500 pesos. Ang gastos di ba. So I ended withdrawing money for my savings. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. Very bad for my pocket as well as for my health. Pwede naman kasing mamili na lang sa grocery then cook.

2. Shopping – I really love strolling in the mall. Pampa-tanggal stress pagkatapos ng trabaho. I don’t know why I am fascinated with clothes that I always wanted one every now and then. Siguro kasi habang lumalaki ay hirap din kami at lahat ng damit ko ay bigay lang kaya ngayon todo pamimili basta may pera. Kung dati settle na ako sa ukay at tiangge, ngayon ginawa kong tambayan ang Uniqlo, H&M at Forever21 kaya ang laki ng gastos, labas sa budget. Ang ibang damit ko tuloy tambak na lang.  Another thing is SALES, grabe! Sumpa yata ito, ewan ko ba kung bakit ang hilig    ko    sa SALE samantalang old stocks / style naman ang nabibili dito.

3. Regular Travel – before, I used to travel a lot. Tipong lingo-lingo dapat may gala ako. Wala lang gusto ko lang puntahan ang mga lugar na bago at IG worthy. I spent minimum Php. 1,000.00 for every travel (day tour lang ito) and Php. 3,000.00 for two days, ang gastador di ba?

My goal in life to be stable and financially able. How did I do it? 

1. Savings   

      a.Bank Account – since I started working, I decided to open a savings account. I used to save Php. 500-1000.00 per month until it increases to much higher amount. I didn’t follow the 80/20 scheme basta I saved enough in my bank account for emergency funds. I also open up another savings account just in case lang.

    b. Piggy Bank – even though I saved in the bank, I have a piggy bank with me, I put Php. 20.00 every day and when it’s reaches around Php. 2,000.00, I saved it in my other savings account.

2. Investment

 a.Insurance – I have a Family Secure Insurance from Philam Life. It’s a variable type of insurance where I have my insurance and at the same time having an investment. My premium is Php. 20,000.00 annually and when I checked my investment money – it’s growing (I can withdraw this money if I want to). If you are young, better to get an insurance for security purposes.

b. Memorial Plan – I got a St. Peter plan for Php. 650.00 per month which I need to pay for five years.

c. Stock Market – I have COL account. Before investing my money here, I attended an orientation and study the companies where to put my investment;  I opted to be an investor rather than a trader. For Php. 5,000.00 you can open an account with COL. I also attended Bo Sanchez’s seminar on stocks and it is very helpful for first timers. Now, the stock market is down, and it is an opportunity for the stockholder to buy more stocks. Kaso ngayon, wala ako pera. Hahaha!

d. Equity Wealth Fund – also for Php. 5,000.00 I open an account at Manulife. Since, I have experienced in stocks, I invested all my money to stocks. Risk –taker din ako since I am looking for long time investment goal. According to my agent, I can fund more in my account.

d. House – Everybody dream of having a house. Me, ever since this is a childhood dream but the problem is “mahal”, “out of the budget” kung bibili ng bagong bahay. What I did was to buy foreclosed house  from Pag-Ibig Fund, ito ang mga bahay na binawi ng Pag-Ibig sa mga hindi nakakapabayad ng loan sa kanila. Mas mura ito compare sa mga bagong bahay. Pwede din hulugan sa loob ng 10 taon or mas maikli depende sa’yo. Luma na ang bahay, ikaw na lang magpapaayos, meron naman bahay na maayos pa at kumpleto naman. Basta occular mo muna bago ka kumuha. Anyway, may pa-seminar din ang Pag-Ibig dito.

Aside from Pag-Ibig, Bangko Sentral is offering the same scheme.

e. Education – I considered education as an investment. I studied Graduate Studies, mahal man ang tuition pero I used it to gain more knowledge and skills at the same time I worked as a part time teacher. So the money I earned from teaching were for investments or for future travels.

3.   Travel – Of course, hindi lang puro ipon kailangan din mag-enjoy. I prepare all my travels. Now, I promise my self to have at least two best travels in a year (1 out of the country and 1 around the country – basta malayo, hahaha). I booked my flight five months ahead of target schedule (mas mura kahit paano, hindi na din ako nakiki-gulo sa seat sale – hirap kasi makapasok). Once settled flight, I searched for my accommodation – usually I looked for Agoda and ( I haven’t tried other sites), I got cheaper rates and room here plus I also checked the reviews. I also provide a piggy bank for my travels which I fill every now and then, I used the money for visa application or travel tax. I also have Getgo and Mabuhay miles for the points. In fairness, to Getgo, I used the points in going to Caticlan.

4. Practicality –  you may wonder on how I handled these savings and investments, it’s because of I am practical now. I no longer buy splurge in shopping, I rather go home than go to the mall, with this I am not tempted to buy clothes or eat in a restaurant. I just do my grocery and cook at home. I didn’t buy gadgets unless it’s broken, my cellphone is LG Magna series of 2015, ang tagal nya mga Bes at ang tibay. Kahit minsan gusto kong bumili ng lumang Iphone or bagong Samsung, iniisip ko na lang okay pa naman ang phone ko. If I want a good picture, I asked my companion to take me a  shot using their beautiful / latest phone (mautak lang).  I am not interested in new gadgets kaya walang problema. Hanggang okay pa ang appliances, ito pa din ang gagamitin ko. Buying a car is not on my list, hindi kasi ito practical para sa akin, saka nagde-depreciate and value nito unlike ng lupa, alahas and iba pa.

Of course, I am supporting family members and giving back to Church. I guess, as I mature mas alam ko na lang kung paano i-handle ang pera ko. I am not only thinking for future but also enjoying the present.

Here’s the link of the investments I mentioned above. Maybe you are interested and think of investing or planning for your future.


Pag ibig Fund Acquired Assets :


Manulife Asset Management:

Philam :

P.S. photo not mine



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