Like what I said 2016 is a stable year. I mean not much grand happened – chill lang. But I must say that little things came thos year that made me appreciate God’s wonderful blessings.

1. Graduation from Cefam
I’ve waited for this for so long. After three years, finally I have a diploma. I am also thankful for the people whom I met in this journey, from my teachers, staffs, classmates and clients. I really learned a lot and it made my characted wiser and stronger.


2. Be a Teacher
This is my ultimate goal in life. I didnt expect a chance would knock my door and of course I grabbed it. Its nice to share my knowledge to my students ( and I believe they have a better future in this profession). It’s good and at the same time challenging.

3. Hike
Due to busy schedule in school, I just have 2 hikes this year. It a wonderful feeling to experience outdoors once again and breath a fresh air.


4. Travel
Been to 4 beaches this year (1 is through work) , I must say how I love the beach… (hay, ang taas na ng standards ko sa beach ngayon)… Hoping to have more next year. I also got a chance to stroll Baguio, Antipolo and Agusan because of work. Got also a chance to swim with family members.
Also explored Tagaytay, Sky ranch pampanga and Hot Air balloon.

5. Left brain functions
I let my creative juices functions again. I started writing poems and at the same time, draw out of the theme of my poems.  I also back to blogging. Hope to learn video edit soon.

6. Reunite with true friends
Happy to be reunited with my long lost friends and think alike. Our brains connects to one another and souls intertwined especially when pissed off. Hahaha.


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